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Act now.  We've proven that this on-line coupons business works!  Purchase your own unique protected territory in your home town or city.  Then get ready to work! Market and promote it...This business has the potential to make millions.  Buy your territory now, run and promote, enjoy years of ongoing profits. 

ALERT: ---- New Feature.  We have just added a "PAPERLESS COUPON"  a "GREEN COUPON" option to the site.  Now coupon's can be sent directly to cell phones!  Includes offer and bar code ID numbers for proof.  Just show your text message to the participating store....and you get the discount listed! This could be the world's first paperless, green coupon available anywhere!  A great Press Release feature to jump start your new business.

Go to and click on the GREEN COUPON box at the top. Type in your cell phone number and you will get a text message with this coupon's offer!

At last, a sophisticated online coupon engine that can service local, regional, and national restaurants/stores/business anywhere in the United States.   This is not your typical online coupon site. Innovative features like bar codes on the printed coupons, walk-in codes, control panel to see how many coupons were printed, viewed, emailed. And our new GREEN COUPON...advertisers accept paperless coupons when customers simply show the text message on their cell phones.  Powerful email entry to blast your coupon to any or all of your loaded up qualified emails. Or, email site visitors who've signed up and have requested coupons. Advertisers have a simple account sign up page, coupon designer, and control panel. Posting coupons takes less than 5 minutes. It can be "self-serve" or administration can create accounts and manage coupons. Currently under an initial yearly membership fee and monthly subscription fee.

Your Protected Territory purchase give you the power to market and sell online coupons right in your home town.  And best yet...keep every cent of revenue until your initial $5,000 is paid off!  Virtually no risk.  Sign up as little as 19 customers who subscribe and you will have re-couped your yearly investment in 1 year!  Sign another 20 customers and make $5,000, another 20 and total $10,000 and so on (based on client yearly subscription completion)  

Currently using a Paypal subscription payment gateway. Coupon design allows for a logo or photo upload as well. Display your coupon in any zip code in the US. For national advertisers, the offer appears no matter what zip code is searched. Visitors can create their own coupon keeper or email friends coupons they've found. Advanced control features give advertisers a "coupon button" link to place on their Web sites...goes directly to their coupon on our site. Powerful tracking tool potential for advertisers on radio and TV who direct viewers to find their offer exclusively at our site. Then, view the control panel to see visits, prints for that offer instantly. Newest feature: upload customer email list then, email blast coupons to your customers every month.

Please understand...this is hard work. You will have to make many phone calls to local businesses, send emails, promte your new online coupon web site to local chambers of commerce, even go door-to-door or hire college kids to do it, set up a call'll even need to devote your own funds to promoting your new business in newspapers, trade magazines, google ad-words, etc.  This is not for the faint of heart....if you're ready to WORK, you can make this business generate on-going revenue for yourself!

Understand, this business has the potential to make millions if properly developed.  Look, we've done the hard part...we built, an incredible online coupon web site, but do not have the personel to bring the business to it's true revenue generating potential. 


We've built a complete indepentant Sales Rep system designed for you:
Recently unemployed
Local part-timers
Stay-at-home moms and dads
College students
Independant sales reps looking for another line to carry
We provide a series of web pages with your sales agreement contract, signup forms, to help independant sales reps sell subscriptions in your local area.

Are you serious:  When you're ready contact us to review our sales rep and exclusive territory agreement.  We're confident you will find our system easy to use, low-cost to start up, and ready for you to sign on new local advertising clients.  Each client pays approx. $150 to sign on, then $9.95 per month subscription cost.  That's $260 a client per year.   100 clients can yield $26,000,
500 clients can yield $130,000.  You keep the Lion's share. (Call for specific percentages)

Here's more details:
Go to   on the search box type in: zip code: 02864 and keyword: Italian.  The results will show you a live and active coupon for "Cantina di Marco " an Italian Restaurant located in one of our flagship test markets, Cumberland, RI. Our unique search system shows "live" coupons first and on top, for a given zip code, then up to 8 yellow page lookup choices with a "request coupon" option so the visitor still has a meaningful experience on the site.

The future in couponing is  Don't let this opportunity pass by.  See an example of an online ad and brochure below.  But first here are additional web links for viewing our business plan, and sales rep pages, etc.

Our newest link...allows advertisers to sign up, upload their customer email lists, we then help design a coupon and email blast to their list ($49.95 fee for this service)
This page helps attract independent sales agents from across the country.  Independent reps can choose a zip code cluster near them, and sign on stores in their area!
This is the application to become a sales agent.
This is the agreement sales reps sign to become a rep for us.
This is a great page...that sales reps can simply print from their computer as a leave behind sheet when they visit potential customer/advertisers.
This was designed for your call center operators to use in order to fill out a new advertisers information quickly.

Below is one of our online advertisements designed to attract local store and restaurant advertisers to use our web site as their online coupon engine.   It will give you a great example of our services and powerful features:
But don't worry!  We are not currently selling this to clients directly...allowing you to build your own client base in your area!
This is just for you to see our powerful features and help you tell your clients about the site.

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Introducing Online Coupons from - America's favorite local coupon web site with the most sophisticated features available on the internet.

The WheresThatCoupon Package and all the premium features contained in it, comes with total control capabilities, which means that you can offer your amazing online coupons and keep 100% of the profits, email them instantly to your existing customers while your coupon remains "Live & Active" for new customers as well.

You can post the individual coupons separately, in as many of the over 1,300 categories available. You can also email your new coupons to your customers from! And if you have a web site, we will even provide you with a ready-made "Coupon Button" that you can use on your site.

In just a few minutes you could be offering your unique online coupons with, and keeping 100% of the new profits! There has never been a quicker or easier way to start posting online coupons. All the hard work has already been done for you. All you have to do is insert your account information, design your coupons, upload your information and begin increasing sales!

Online Coupons by WheresThatCoupon is not only the biggest local coupon service available on the internet, it's also the best. All the advanced features included in the package have been carefully developed and are of the highest quality and value.

Also, the package is updated regularly with brand-new features, so you will always have access to new ways to use online coupon and gain more customers. And the best part is that you'll receive all the future updates that will be added into the package for free, since the WheresThatCoupon Package comes with Free Updates! Made available to you at no additional cost. This alone, can save you thousands of dollars in the future!

WheresThatCoupon currently provides
unlimited design possibilities with our high quality coupon designer.

You will get Master Control for all your online coupons you design
with our professional merchant Control Panel.
Make your coupons the hottest on the internet or in print!

We'll even host all the coupons you post on our servers, for your customers to simply "Click, Print and Use" at your restaurant, store, business, or office.

Please note that these samples represent only a small percentage of the
high quality online coupons offered for local customers by our merchants on!

Don't know how to design,edit or upload online coupons? No problem!

Although Online Coupons by WheresThatCoupon comes with a ready-made account fill-in form that only requires you to add your establishment's information, address, etc., some people may encounter difficulties deciding how to design their online coupons. That's why we have created the WheresThatCoupon Online Coupon Builder Page.

Coupon Designer Control Panel

Now you can add your account details and design your online coupons without having to use an html editor to edit the html code. Simply run the WheresThatCoupon Package 'Coupon Builder' program, click 'Submit.' That's it! Your personalized online coupons containing your own Special Offer, Business Name, Address, Expiration Date, Security Bar Code, and Logo/photo will be generated automatically and posted "Live" to! Thousands of visitors in your neighborhood can now find your coupon! Now all you have to do is upload coupons and begin increasing sales!

You will also be provided with step-by-step instructions that will teach you how to create your account and build fantastic coupons for customers to print and use today! , even if you have absolutely no previous web design experience.

But don't forget that the online coupons you post at are not there just accessible there. They are also available to print and use on your own web site. So your current loyal customers will also be able to benefit from the special offers you provide, making them return again and again!

Ways you can use Online Coupons by
Post your online coupons today so thousands of visitors daily will see your offer and "Click, Print, and Use" your new coupons for increased sales to you.
When Customer search coupons, your's are at the top of the list as "Live & Active" instant and ready to print and use.
WheresThatCoupon spends ad dollars with Google Adwords to assure high traffic from local coupon hunters in your area.
WheresThatCoupon lists "Coupon Requests" from customers ready to spend money with you...if they had your coupon. Send your coupons instantly by email to these listed customer members as well as email coupons to your existing customers anytime you want.
Change/Add/Delete/Edit your coupons instantly with your very own Merchant Control Panel. Leave general coupons online, or run quick Weekend Sales offers.
Use the provided "Window Decal" to let walk-in customers know they can find your coupons online!

Plus anything else you can think of - the possibilities are endless!

There has never been a better time to add online coupons to your advertising. Don't waste any more time!

Comments from some existing customers:
I spend thousands on newspaper, mailer coupons. But with WheresThatCoupon I'm getting over 200 coupon redemptions every a fraction of the cost. Well done!

P. Edwards

Thank you for all the help you have provided my coupon efforts. Your products are excellent! I wish I had found your site sooner.

Mark J.

This is simply the most amazing offer i have ever come across on the internet! I honestly can't believe you are selling it at such a low price.

Ann S.

As you can see for yourself, Online Coupon Package is the most complete way to post online coupons available anywhere on the web!

It is one of the best online coupon services on the internet and can be used by anyone, even if they have no previous experience.

If you are serious about increasing your sales whether you own a restaurant, a store, a medical/dental/chiropractic practice or a business, then don't waste any more time. Take advantage of this incredible offer now!

When you order the WheresThatCoupon Package you get:
When you win this auction you will be sent to your account fill-in page, with step-by-step "next" tabs to complete your posting. and help you design and upload your online coupons, instantly.
A Merchant Control Panel to instantly add/delete/change/edit your online coupons. Also check stats to see how many times your coupons have been printed and viewed.
Complete support and ad word advertising to drive customers to your coupon all included at no additional cost!
An attractive Window Sticker to create awareness of your new coupon home which can eventually lead to thousands of dollars saved in printed and mailer coupon expenses.
SPECIAL BONUS! Included in this package, for a limited time: Free Logo build and insertion (based on your existing Logo) 

Instant Access!

You will be directed to the Online Coupon Package fill-in page instantly, then fill-out your account information and after you place your order, continue to the Coupon Designer Page! And your done! It takes less than 5 minutes to complete. From within the program you can create your online coupon account, build your online coupons, any time you wish. Please note that the WheresThatCoupon Online Coupon Package requires Windows 95 or higher. It is not compatible with Mac or Linux.

How much is this going to cost you?

The online coupon service contained in this amazing package could easily sell for hundreds of dollars. And that's without counting the monthly service fees. In fact, if you were to order and place coupon ads for six months any where similar to the coupons you create with, it would cost you over $4000.

But we have priced the Online Coupon Package extremely low, so that anyone can afford it!

The increase in customer spending you'll earn as a result of using this great online coupon service can very easily pay you back hundreds (probably thousands) times your small investment.

You really can't afford not to invest in the Online Coupon Package! It's very easy to get started right away. Place your order now and get immediate access!

Yes! I want to take advantage of this amazing offer and order Online Coupon Package at the incredibly low BUY IT NOW price of $149.95.

The Online Coupon Package currently contains easy to use fill-in forms to build my account and design and post my online coupons.

P.S. The latest version of The WheresThatCoupon Online Coupon Package has been released and has been updated with all the latest features currently available.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at J&R Computer/Music World
Internet Florist, Inc.


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