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Advertiser & Merchants Isn't it time you post your coupons, at recession-busting discounts!

We're Redefining Web-Based Couponing For Local Stores, Businesses, & Professionals is a web site where customers come looking for you! Visitors search for stores and businesses and post their requests for local coupons. These coupon requests come from folks in your hometown. They’re ready to spend money, if only they had your coupon.

Take action. Simply sign-up, build your online coupon, and use our bulk email marketing system to email coupons to new customers. Web advertising generates thousands of new coupon requests every week. You can reach out to them by simply emailing your coupon and increasing sales. Or just sit back and relax…your online coupon also remains “live and active” as an instant coupon. It's like a data center of new sales all in a great internet service. So, customers will simply click, print, and go- using your online coupon.

WheresThatCoupon is a marketing tool. We've introduced many features to make the entire process both fun and easy for even the least experienced Internet advertiser.
-Coupons Include Store/Company Name, Address and Phone Number, Link to your Web Site, Offer Headline, Offer Details, Disclaimer Copy, Expiration Date, Logo insertion, Email-a-friend button.
-As our merchant you have the ability to change your offer(s) at anytime, meaning your customers don't have to wait for the next publication or mailing date to receive NEW and exciting discounts! Change your coupon at any time, through your password protected control panel.
-Security Bar Codes on every printed coupon. These bar codes will work with your scanners, if you use them.
-Total Prints and Views of your coupon printed on every coupon. Tell instantly how well your coupon campaign is doing by glancing at any redeemed coupons.
-Online Control Panel. Use your password protected control panel to add new coupons, edit existing coupons, and view your stats.
-Put a “Coupon Button” on your web site. Why reinvent the wheel? Offer coupons on your site and send them to your posted coupons at They get directly transferred to YOUR coupon…no gimmicky popups!
-Pricing: Just $9.99/Month - Compare that to expensive print, mailer, and other internet advertising costing hundreds of dollars monthly. Your first month’s billing reflects a One-time yearly membership fee of $149.99, then just $9.99 each month thereafter.

Did you know? Amazing coupon facts to help increase sales...
- Nearly 70% of all words used to search online are "savings," "coupons" or "discounts." 78% of Internet users search for savings (Forrester Research) - 88% of all Internet users use coupons and overall, are more affluent, educated and interested in value. (NPD Online) - Advertising Age reports that 87% of all shoppers use coupons. - Because they're better targeted, online coupons redeem at a much higher rate than traditional coupons. (Promo Magazine) - Consumers feel that discounts and free samples are the most beneficial features that a company can offer online. (Cox Direct) - A leading research firm found that 75% of all Internet users used the net for research to make their purchase decisions. (CommerceNet Nielsen) - A recent article in the Wall Street Journal entitled, "In a Pinch, Snip.", states that coupon use rises, as the economy in any given area slides. 54% of shoppers surveyed said they had already stepped up use of coupons, and even more are expected to do so. - Couponing is the most measurable and accountable form of promotion. It's simply a matter of counting the number of coupons redeemed to judge the effectiveness of the offer. Wise use of this consumer feedback will guide you in creating future offers that improve your results.

Subscription Terms & Conditions
1. All subscriptions require payment through our online credit card submission process. 2. For cash, check, or draft check payments, contact us for availability 3. WheresThatCoupon reserves the right to change our policies, terms and conditions without notice. 4. Subscriptions are offered in one year periods. 5. Subscriptions are billed on a re-occurring basis after the first term ends. 6. All subscriptions can be cancelled with prior written notice within 30 days however all paid subscriptions are non-refundable. 7. Advertisers may change their coupons at any time using the password protected online control panel supplied 8. WheresThatCoupon is not responsible for coupon content, grammar, spelling, logos and message. Advertisers must proof their own coupons 9. For assistance with coupon creation or changes, contact WheresThatCoupon whereas this service is available on a case by case basis. 10. WheresThatCoupon reserves the right to refuse any coupon, advertisement, banner, message that is deemed offensive, pornographic, vulgar, lude, insulting or inappropriate for any reason whatsoever. 11. WheresThatCoupon requires that all businesses and stores which have a storefront and/or retail location display the window decal usually affixed above MasterCard/Visa decals.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER is merely distributors of information received from many sources and therefore do not make any claims of accuracy. In no event shall, it’s parent company, or any of its network of affiliates, partners or websites be liable for loss or damages of any nature arising out of or in any way connected with such information, including but not limited to, special, consequential, indirect or punitive damages. The fore going shall apply to the full extent permitted by law. All contents Copyright © 2006 All rights reserved.

PRIVACY STATEMENT All information collected by is strictly confidential. It will not be shared with any outside party. Such information is used for demographic & statistical purposes only, so that we may bring you quality offers from great local businesses. Any questions regarding this policy should be directed to

Any way you look at it, IS your ultimate resource for online advertising and promotion.., Inc.
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